Stone choices are very personal thing. Choose according to oriental and Western Zodiac or month of birth , day of week , according to favorite color , or in accordance with what you currently need , and what the stone can provide .

You can also choose from under the rocks by properties that match your personality, then one should carefully study the precious values.

In any case, it is advisable to choose a stone intuitively, because the stone, which at the time you most admire and are attracted, and is probably the one you need at that time.

The choice of stones in children should also take account of certain recommendations .

Minerals are also very suitable for home and work spaces. Some of the stones are just universal, others are more suitable for example, bedroom , site , dining room or child's room .

There is also a separate group of stones, which are very suitable for offices, work rooms . Space rocks, it is worthwhile to know some of the principles of feng shui advice .

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